About Us

Green Home Contractors doesn’t subscribe to the typical theory of what is green building. We believe that if a product lasts you a lifetime, it’s better than a product that is trendy or that isn’t durable. Impermanent products are inevitably replaced in a few years and have a much greater impact on the environment than well-chosen durable long-lasting solutions. In order to offset your hardwood floors or your granite counters we promote energy efficiency. We prefer to install on-demand water heaters, efficient furnaces and extra insulation.

Now don’t get us wrong, we prefer to use no VOC paints and formaldehyde-free insulation. We love recycled materials, too. But when it becomes a choice between these or energy savings, we tend to lean towards the latter. There are numerous eco-friendly options available that can reduce your energy consumption and therefore reduce your impact long into the future.

An additional step we take to help the environment is to recycle materials. We take appliances and other re-usable building supplies to companies who specialize in selling those items. We separate out clean wood and recyclables and dispose of them appropriately. Our goal is to minimize what goes into landfills and maximize the re-use of manufactured products.

When it comes to your next project we can help you–from the planning, through the permitting and into completion. We have the experience, the expertise, and the energy to get the job done right. Our architects and designers are experienced in many styles of design and will give you the exact look you want. Our sub-contractors have worked with us for years and all share the attention to detail your project deserves. So if you’re planning a remodel, a new addition, or even a new home, Green Home Contractors can help you through the entire process.